Treadle Wheels

Once upon a day I had a minor obsession with Treadle Wheels… Here is what I put together in 2002:  NOTE:  I am not making wheels at this time


Treadle History Plans Resources

Leach Treadle Wheels

There is quite a following of the Leach Treadle Wheel.
I have been collecting information on them over the last five years
and in the spirit of openness would like to make as much of that available
to you here.

ALSO, I am currently setting up the woodworking shop to
produce quality Leach Style Treadle Wheels according to the original
blueprints from the Leach Pottery in St. Ives, Cornwall, England. Please email me if you are
interested in updates and pictures when we have models ready for sale.

I have written a little history/diatribe
about the Leach Style Treadle Wheel.

If you are looking for plans to build your own Treadle Wheel, SO AM
I. If you have any resources that are useful to you in your project.
Please share them with me. Here is what I have
so far

Here are some links to people who are making Treadle