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Gates Treadle Wheel Doug Gates in North Carolina. Has been making the finest quality Leach Style Treadle Wheels for the last number of years. His wheels really are second to none in quality and craftsmanship.. The people I know who own them are nothing but pleased with them.

He IS still making the fine treadle wheels that he has been making for the last 12 years. HURRAY!! Now out of Chapel Hill, NC. His mailing information is

Douglas Gates
137 B Windsor Circle
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Phone:(919) 933-7774

email Doug

Woodward Treadle Lane’s End Treadle Wheels in Edwardsville IL; A very lovely wheel, based off the leach design… with a twist. This one is all metal, excepting the the splashpan, seat, treadle bar and wheel which are wood, with some of the tightest construction I have seen. (My personal story, when watching Allegheny Meadows give a demo on one, he hopped on, gave it a few kicks, looked up and said “Is this thing on?”. It was that quiet.)

He’s been making them now for 3-4 years and has sold them to several institutions (Kansas City Art Institute, Arrowmont, U of W. at River Falls) as well as to individuals.

Check out their website at

Bob Woodard
5400 Melon Lane
Edwardsville IL 62025

Mark Polglas
Great River Woodworks
651.303.7630 mobile
651.433.2126 home

Waves of Grain in Minneapolis MN; Aparently went out of business… Please contact.
Mark Polglas
Great River Woodworks
651.303.7630 mobile
651.433.2126 home

Edmunds Design & Manufacturing in Duluth, MN; Makes a very affordable model of treadle wheels out of baltic birch plywood or MDF. A number of people on ClayArt have given good reviews of these wheels.

Treadle Wheels by Billy Martin in Greensboro, NC; Friendly gentleman who made a wheel for himself with the plans from Andrew Holden’s book, Self Reliant Potter, and was asked by a classmate to make another.


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