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Shots of Warren Mackenzie’s Treadle Wheel


I have been lucky enough to acquire a copy of blueprints for the treadle wheel from The Leach Pottery in St. Ives, Cornwall, England. It is huge (nearly 3MB), but you are welcome to view it in JPG format. Here are the images that I have developed so far..

size type description
2.9MB jpeg This is REALLY LARGE!
774K jpg This scan should print onto an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper.
16KB GIF Created using a vector graphics program, tracing the blueprint
the fixing angles and such.
TreadleSideView 2.5MB ppt Powerpoint construction
TreadleSideViewVectorOnly 49KB ppt Powerpoint construction, vectors only.
TreadleTopView 17KB GIF Also created using vector graphics.
TreadleTopViewVectorOnly 2.9MB ppt Powerpoint construction.
TreadleTopView With Scan 48KB ppt Powerpoint construction vectors only.
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Many people also wish they could get a hold of Andrew Holden’s book “A Self Reliant Potter”. Unfortunately that book is out of print. Here are some brazen reproductions.

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Those are straight images of the pages, Here is a transcribed version with more ledgable text


In testing out a CAD program, I mocked up the basic frame (Without the standard cross link bar)